geez... it's been more than a month since my last post here, i need to be more creative i guess ;p

04122008 by ceftriaxone
*written while listening to twilight movie soundtrack

it's cold, and i'm alone
not sleepy yet, but my mind has gone
swung with bella's lullaby

shall we start our countdown, dear?
or shall we not?
`cause sometimes i've dreamed of fear
in seconds it's getting near

and i'm alone, here...

you're neither edmund nor edward
but it's you i wanted to be my guard

then i have to wait
i'll patiently wait
for me to have you as my first sight in the morning
for me to have you hugged me in my dream

it's still midnight, and the moonlight hanging bright
time passed by, keeps me on the state of fright
but why i'm trembling?
could it be `cause you didn't reply my message?
could it be?

and so i'm afraid, to lose you...

be my pair of wings, dear
fly me to the highest fir
`cause if it's not you, where else shoud i go to?