i do remember i've once submit one of my poem to a friendster account named by a  famous movie starred by robin williams, and become my favorite one too; "dead poets society". so i scroll through the testimonial and comment pages to find mine...

*04012005 by ceftriaxone
you may laugh, but ragnarok online game do inspire me a bit while making this poem ;p

here comes an assassin
just look at her, she is so thin
blessed with such an agility, to throw her daggers
but she wont able to use both hammers

and, listen, she is questioning;
will You forgive me, God, for all the
people i've killed?
will You forgive me, God, for all the
mess i've built?
will You forgive me, God
and she keeps on yawning

this is life
it is about how to survive
how to keep alive
and she could eat sushi for five

she could saw the blood, crawling
in her arm, curving
and she yelled to all whose near, whose heard

"kill me!"



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