those from 2005 06/27/2008

these are some of my poems i wrote in 2005, well... actually must be more then just these, for i've start writing poems since elementary ;p but a bad habit using any scrap papers available at that moment to write on makes it difficult for me to collect'em all.

untuk darrell
*20032005 by ceftriaxone
he's 10 days old at that time

kamu adalah satu gambaran
satu puncak, dari bebukitan bernama hidup
yang kini roboh, tercebur deras
menyelami cerah-suramnya jeram

gamitlah tangannya, pinta ia untuk ajari
nafas, luka, senyum, tersayat
dan tak semua berkesempatan memilikimu
mungkin juga aku

untuk bulan
*21032005 by ceftriaxone
one day after the news

satu hari telah usai, bulan
masih adakah matamu berembun?
atau adakah kaupandang kekosongan
dan tergeletak di bambu serumpun

kau begitu mencintainya

bagaimanapun rotasimu takkan berhenti
meski di hadapanmu kabut
kau hanyalah pantulan matahari
dengan cahaya yang menyaput

ia begitu mencintaimu

bulan, bulan, tidaklah mudah
dan seluruh konstelasi membakarmu
takkan dapat kau tertembus panah
mulai tersenyum, meski semu

sesungguhnya kalian tidak terpisah

am i missing you?
*14042005 by ceftriaxone
fyi : i never celebrate valentine

is missing someone so easy?
i've never know
i wake up late in the morning, i'm damn lazy
spend my nite thinking of our vow

dig me my tomb
so i'll be nowhere to be found
i'm tired, chasing by dozen of bombs
this globe seemed like a box, even it's round

how should i tell that i won't
loving you is the hardest thing in life
a swimmer won't hike a mount
she'll prefer drown, or stabbed with a knife

however, i love you still

is it you?
*17042006 by ceftriaxone
title taken from a j-pop song by hitomi

who's lie in here?
is it me or you
who's the one said
that there will be no fear?
is it me or you

unconsciously watch over the bond
undoubtfully fell off to the ground
the petals' scentness gone
leaving me and what i've done

i'm terrified
but you will never know
i'm petrified
but still you wouldn't know

live in darkness, demanding darkness
as the fire burn all the trees to ashes
no one will catch
i'm no one's match

allow me to die...

ijinkan kuberistirahat
*20042005 by ceftriaxone
physically and mentally tired

aku melukis kabut
dengan warna putih mencarut
terbelit mawar liar, tertusuk
dingin mencahar, selimutiku dengan handuk

betapa banyak kuingin
maka ijinkanlah
aku tak sesabar beringin tertempa angin
kokoh menghujam jantung tanah

sepinya di sini akankah usai
aku menangis di antara orang-orang ramai
dan gerimis masih merintik
oh biarkan aku istirahat walau sedetik!

through a year
*04052005 by ceftriaxone
title inspired from kenny loggin's "through the years"

and how can i possibly know?
since i've never expect a cross-link
i'm just following the flow
but there you are; wink
ask me to stay beside
and offer me your hand
with smile and eyes that bright
how can i possibly ban?

whatever, whichever path
guess i should've knew before
waking me up as a cold bath
or as suddenly in the shore
like i care? what else could i wish?
and you proposed me to be your part
as words won't describe how i cherish
in whatever, whichever heart

...just how glad to be there with you

that day was the first time i gave a flower bouquet to a man, and that was his first time too getting a flower bouquet as a present. this is the first poem chronicles i plan to write one every each year since that day. on that date ;)

the ordinary one, please
*01062005 by ceftriaxone
is it wrong for being ordinary?

live in ordinary way
that's what i always pray
try to make it happen, if i may
but they keep on pinching me, like an unfinished clay

give me the moon
i'll give you the sun
everyday i swirled in a typhoon
and think only run, run, run

ambition's demanding
orders keep on crawling
would you get out of my hell?
or i would kill you with my spell?

alone, building my ordinary castle
care no more, even the murmur was there
life will be better without battle
i will wait with my foot which bare

the truth is...
*11062005 by ceftriaxone
repeat repeat repeat ;p

the truth is, that i hate you
the truth is, that i love you
the truth is, that i love you more
the truth is, that i hate you even more

a blend of regrets and happiness
builds a bizarre thought
the truth is, i'm not anymore blessed
the truth is, i'm already trapped

the truth is, that i hate me
the truth is, that i love me
the truth is, that i love me more
the truth is, that i hate me more

hurricane, tuna cans, flew over the head
dreaming you banged by my own hand
the truth is, the hummingbirds are out there
the truth is, the evils ate your flesh



Sun, 29 Aug 2010 19:33:19

Guilt always hurries towards its complement, punishment; only there does its satisfaction lie. (Lawence Durrell, British writer)


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