told you before, that i have these kinda poem chronicles i wrote once a year since 04052005, in our anniversary date, to be exact, and as the final poem hopefully will be released 18 days before our wedding next year, these are the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th chronicles...

now and then
*04052006 by ceftriaxone
it mostly wrotes about the days before we started dating

there was once upon a time i used to mime
as the bird goes hasty when the mailbox is empty
as my eyes turned worry and no longer be merry
that was the time i started to rhyme

time is tick as i saw you peek
wind blows in vain makes me afraid to feel the pain
will it be rain or will it begin?
you made me sick that i have to seek

sun will not stop if it needs to go up
waken me up from sleep that i tried to keep
this is such a creep, feels like i'm on a leap
the pages that i crop had been thrown to a cup

now there will be no quests of who and what is the clue
when you wink as my eyes blink
let's stay in this rink til we both sink
cause it's not just a boo since the count is already two

*04052007 by ceftriaxone
title taken from basil valdez's "you"

you, the one that smile at me
fade out my cries
said straight to my eyes
encourage me to flee

you, the one that i lean to
wrap around my arms
and feel your breath's warmth
just in our world of two

you, the one that make me laugh
yet in morning til nite
ask me to date with a flying kite
how can i doubt you as my love?

you, the one that i adore

stay with me, keep on counting
til more than three
`cause we will be

*04052008 by ceftriaxone
the latest one...

silly games i used to play
in my mind, from rose bay to milky way
i've left behind, they went northeast
without me at the very least
should i run or should i not?
for each one, each pray i've bought?

you've showed me a fate
out of my mind's half acre
an estate with a watergate, lays in wait
you were there to find me
on a solar flare, under mahogany tree
kiss me slow, grasp my hand
i'll let it go just so
1 step, 2 steps, 3 steps, 4 steps...
to our rio grandé land

at the time this latest one was made, he wasn't beside me as he went to another place for his clinical rotation, so i do remember how i'm quite upset that we didn't able to celebrate our anniversary together as usual T.T

well then... as the final poem hasn't been born yet, and as i never really planned this poem chronicles to be ended, perhaps i'll consider to continue with another new chronicles since i enjoy to wrote'em so much ;)
such as, a neverending chronicles?? just like our story that i always hope to neverends... not even death will do us apart. amen.



Sat, 19 Jul 2008 22:07:42

hah hah haaaaaaaaaahhh????!?!?! how come i didnt know that ure gonna be a bride next year???? aaa siapakah orang beruntung ituuu?? u owe me helluva lot story, missy!! oiaa, ini aku link di blog-ku ya, mamiii.. :)


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