i found 2! 08/31/2008

the first one was made when i'm going to have my pediatric exam, and the second one was accidentally founded while i'm arranging my bookstacks in my room in a grey folded-here-n-there piece of paper *geez... i'm such an unorganized person, am i?? ;p btw, REM is rapid-eye-movement, happens when you're in a state of deep sleep.

the ending
*18072008 by ceftriaxone
pediatric exam is coming soon!

when i came, on my first day
i sighed, and feel so lame
i do miss the sun rays...
and run through the prairie without shame

they cried and laugh 
make me sneeze and cough
be patient, i said to myself 
only 3 more hours to twelve

to sleep, and having my REM

but weeks went fast
within times i passed, at last
a white line appears
depart me to my final fear

to end it

*----2007 by ceftriaxone
seems like i'm in a happy mood when i wrote this, but i simply forgot why ;p

spring oh spring come to me
don't woke up that lazy bee
i'll treat you with a cup of tea 
whether you want it chamomile or minty

fleurs oh fleurs be bloomed
don't hide yourself, you're too beautiful to be true 
give all the butterflies the clue
so they'll know which path they'll go to

flakes oh snowflakes be happy to melt 
`cause sadness is a feeling you must felt
and til we meet again, i won't held 
for the next winter it's a reminiscence we'll get

birds oh hummingbirds your songs are my tincture
my health elixir and god of all cure 
no matter how strong i endure
for you i'll stand up and burn

to be free!



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