from 29072008 til 30072008 my family planned to spend a night in safari garden hotel, since at the same our beloved first niece was here--imported by his smart mom ;p--having holiday with his grandparents--my uncle and auntie. surprisingly, 6 families of my mom's siblings could make it!! so there i am, happily surrounded by my family, whole lot of my cousins and a niece... it's been quite a long time since i enjoyed this kinda holiday with my big family ^^ plus, my soon-to-be sis-in-law came from padang! even though she caught a cold the night when she arrived but she managed to catch up with us the next morning, of course, with some drugs and antibiotic in her bag... but still it's ok.

weeks before, my mom went to taman safari together with a workgroup of his office, having a leisure time after a meeting. she told us about a performance held there called "wild wild west: cowboy show", she said it was awesome, funny, with real horses, ducks, sheeps, eagle, and even mouse! so that right after we passed the entrance to the main amusement park we drove straight to the highest part of the hill to watch the show. before the gate was opened, we're being entertained with a small-but-nice country band wearing cowboys-like stuffs, and 15 mins before the show we're able to try using the cowboy leash, spankin' it!!

unfortunately we're not allowed to use video camera during the show--or else the security staff will warn us--so that taking photos were the only thing permitted, but trust me the show was really worth to watch!! the stage performance was nice, the actors and actresses make-up were good, two-thumbs-up for the combos of action and comedy, and not forgetting the real animals!! they're sooo damn cute!!! from ducks, horses, dogs, cats, mouse, sheeps, and eagle... it was outstanding!! i bet not only children, but you'll like it too ;)

oh, and btw... my happy holiday was even more completed with a happy news: my cousin's getting married next month!! i'm sooo happy for her so that i immediately messaging all my cousins 'bout it ^^ kyaaaa...

the soon-to-be bride ^^

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