last 01082008 was an important day for me: i met with the girls from my junior high!! ^^ omg... it's been 8 years since we're graduate from junior high, when they came to my eyes i couldn't believe the fact that i saw'em all... it was too happy to be true. one of'em brought her collections of our vintage photos, yeah that kinda photos when we still wore loose uniform shirts, plain face without any make-ups, short socks, keds... and act like weirdos! (if you see our photos then you'll get what i mean ;p) hahaha *LOL* we really missed those times that we laugh for every photos taken, we really do ;)

ahh... girls, i'll looking forward to our reunion next year!! i love you, i'll miss you, always... ;*

*last but not least, bye-bye my lovely holiday...

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