*talking 'bout prince charming...

i bet most of the girls in the world must have been dreamed about her own prince charming. y'know... that kinda handsome-looking-gentleman, with flowing red robe, holding a shiny sword carved with gold, riding on the horseback through the greeny savana, to take the princess--that's me, or us, the girls, literally ;p--away and live happily ever after in a castle upon the hill. hahaha go on, laugh on me! but i never exactly stop dreaming about my own prince charming since i started to watch walt disney's "snow white" at age 3. that's why i always dreamed on my prince to be exactly like that; dark brown hair, brown eyes, with red robe and riding a horse--well, for the horse, i prefer the brown rather the white one. remember the prince charming in "shrek"?? sooo no, it's a big no no! >,<

yesterday, 15112008, when i was sat lazily in front of the tv screen and played with the remote, i found out that "the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe" was aired in disney channel. i passed the first 30 minutes, i guess... but that's ok. it's still worth to be watched and i'm so eager for it! ...and there they are, the pevensie children; peter, edmund, susan, and lucy. edmund, the third, was the center of the story, for he (almost) betrayed on his own siblings and lead them to the witch. he's still a boy in this movie, but if u've seen the "prince caspian"... dang! edmund pevensie is sooo close to my definition of prince charming--of my own, of course. here are some pics and cutscenes from "prince caspian". isn't he handsome, cool, but looked warm at the same time? and that straight-looking eyes! @.@ aaahh... i wish i was teenager once again ^^

my prince charming

an astounding dual-sword knight

yet a magnificent cross-bow archer too

unfortunately, prince charming didn't exist in real world. yeah, of course... there'll be no men wandering around with sword, robe, and horse like that. they'll drive fancy cars instead, ain't it right?? ;p but however, keeping a childhood dream like this helped me out to "breathe" for a while between my hectic thingies happened in my real life. even just for a sec, it always turns my lips to smile. and even though i've found someone--hopefully, my heartkeeper, my soulmate for ever and after--i chosed to be with in the upcoming wedded bliss, which isn't even similar with my prince charming, i won't ever stopped dreaming about it.

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