*you won't understand how it feels unless u have allergic rhinitis

yesterday i just came back from jakarta, definitely happy with my short-holiday attending my cousin's wedding in kebumen and preparing few stuffs for my mitoni (traditional baby shower) next month. this morning i already go to work, meeting all the 50 patients after a week holiday is actually fun, but not--definitely not--with this runny nose. yes, the allergic rhinitis attacks me again and again!! T.T i slipped some handkerchief tissues in my pocket, yet those don't accomodate my runny nose enough 'til i back home... ugggghhh... God, please oh please don't let my baby have this allergic problems like me... T.T
yep yep yep, ain't the title came crystal clear?? i'm currently in my happiest part as a woman, to be exact, i'm positively pregnant ;) in my 22 weeks. it was around 5 days before aidil fitri when i took the strip test, and when it shown double red line, it feels like i just wanna scream in flooded happiness!! my Graceful God... this was the greatest gift of my life, ever!!
my fetus on 12th week
me, on my 20th week, can you see the baby bump there??