from 29072008 til 30072008 my family planned to spend a night in safari garden hotel, since at the same our beloved first niece was here--imported by his smart mom ;p--having holiday with his grandparents--my uncle and auntie. surprisingly, 6 families of my mom's siblings could make it!! so there i am, happily surrounded by my family, whole lot of my cousins and a niece... it's been quite a long time since i enjoyed this kinda holiday with my big family ^^ plus, my soon-to-be sis-in-law came from padang! even though she caught a cold the night when she arrived but she managed to catch up with us the next morning, of course, with some drugs and antibiotic in her bag... but still it's ok.

weeks before, my mom went to taman safari together with a workgroup of his office, having a leisure time after a meeting. she told us about a performance held there called "wild wild west: cowboy show", she said it was awesome, funny, with real horses, ducks, sheeps, eagle, and even mouse! so that right after we passed the entrance to the main amusement park we drove straight to the highest part of the hill to watch the show. before the gate was opened, we're being entertained with a small-but-nice country band wearing cowboys-like stuffs, and 15 mins before the show we're able to try using the cowboy leash, spankin' it!!

unfortunately we're not allowed to use video camera during the show--or else the security staff will warn us--so that taking photos were the only thing permitted, but trust me the show was really worth to watch!! the stage performance was nice, the actors and actresses make-up were good, two-thumbs-up for the combos of action and comedy, and not forgetting the real animals!! they're sooo damn cute!!! from ducks, horses, dogs, cats, mouse, sheeps, and eagle... it was outstanding!! i bet not only children, but you'll like it too ;)

oh, and btw... my happy holiday was even more completed with a happy news: my cousin's getting married next month!! i'm sooo happy for her so that i immediately messaging all my cousins 'bout it ^^ kyaaaa...

the soon-to-be bride ^^


*in memoriam of eyang mardiyati busono and eyang busono

2 weeks ago, at 13072008 to be exact, my lil' grandmother (younger sister of my grandmother) passed away. years before she was diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer and had radical mastectomy and a series of chemotherapy. my grandmother also had metastasized breast cancer, in fact that was the et causa of her death. my mom said that unlike my lil' grandmother, she had unilateral mastectomy, but at that time the tumor had already spread to lungs and vertebrae.

my lil' grandfather was famously known as a caring man and love her wife in an extraordinary way--one of a real gentlemen in the whole family--with his one unique habit of kissing his wife 50 times before and after sleep. after she underwent the radical mastectomy, she never want to see her post-op scar, since for her it was too scary. and it was his husband, for every night and day, applying the oinment medications to her scar, and still kiss her 50 times before and after sleep. there are no single women and girls in the whole family not envy her for having such a gentleman as her husband, including me.

fortunately, 2 weeks before my lil' grandmother passed away, me, my brother, and my cousin went to her house in bulaksumur after we received message from my mom which told us that from the last medical control found the tumor had metastasized to the femur and around pelvic bone so that she's no longer able to even stand and walk like usual, and spend the rest of her time lying in bed. when we met her that day, she greets us with her lovely smile and chat with us happily, asking about our parents and our study... and telling us story that makes me surprise: for the last 1 month, when she was no longer able to stand and need to stay in bed, it was her husband--my lil' grandfather--doing all the things for her! feed her, preparing her drugs, help her to bath, changing clothes, wearing adult pad, even he do the toilet himself... and he still kiss her 50 times before and sleep! when we asked him why he didn't call a nurse to take care of her, he replied, "it's to take care of her, i life in this world. as long as i could done it, i'll do it myself. if i'm not, then my life become useless."

*speechless for a moment*

at the day she passed away, his old and wrinkled face couldn't hide his sadness, his cloudy eyes stare straight, and looked empty. we all know how he loves his wife so much, that they're both needed each other, that he always protective to her, how he cares about her... and now that he lost his half part, i couldn't imagine how sad he is...

2 weeks later after her death, at 27072008 to be exact, my lil' grandfather passed away, went after his beloved wife. heart-attack, most probably. it is said that he was founded smile, more beautiful than his wife's when she passed away. i was sooo sad i couldn't help myself from a silent cry... for i clearly remember the last words he said when i came to his house 4 weeks ago.

you went after her, i know... you're both my real forever-and-after-not-even-death-will-do-us-apart couple, you've showed me the true meaning of love til the end...

...and i've lost one of the most gentlemen i've ever met.

there she goes...

...and he went after her


ahh... finally it's holiday! i couldn't hold my lips from smiling since i arrived on soekarno-hatta int'l airport at 25072008 noon, and greet my mom, my brother and his friends happily ^^ it feels sooo good to inspire my hometown's air--even though it's polluted--since for me it smells like a freshly-baked-from-the-oven holiday ;9

on 26072008 morning i saw a new entertainment facilities in fX sudirman called "atmostfear" reported in the news, it's a 72m high sliding tunnel built in the middle of the plaza, down from 7th to 1st floor. it is said that there are only 3 "atmostfear" in the world: indonesia, australia, and... (?) i forgot ;p it looks fun, and of course... i want to try it!! so i told my parents and the others that i wanna try that "atmostfear", and at 10am we drive ourselves there. to experience this "atmostfear", we have to shop at least IDR 1 in any stores in fX, then exchange our payment bill to have a lucky draw to get the "atmostfear" ticket--so we might be unlucky enough to get it ;p--or else we have to shop at least IDR 100,000 to choose having the ticket freely without drawing *smart marketing idea, huh?* after bought some foods, drinks, and stuffs we finally manage to get enough ticket for 5 of us: me, my brother, 2 friends of my brother, and my niece. we went up to the 7th floor, having a short-time in a queue, then wear all the safety equipments, and we're ready to slide!! ^^

for me, it's not too scary actually... even though i realize that some of the safety equipments are already torn, but n'mind! it's the sensation itself that i'm looking for ;p sliding in a special matress down from 7th to 1st floor in 12 secs, i kept my eyes opened for i don't wanna miss any seconds to know how it feels, and even though i was rolling all over as soon as i slide out from the tunnel... it was really, really fun!! ^^ for those not having acrophobia, this "atmostfear" is recommended to try!! ;)

me, post atmostfear-ing ^^


...i'll be sleeping neatly in my first home! i've got all my stuffs in my bag, 2 dresses, 1 jeans, some bath and body care stuffs, ticket in my wallet... ahh if only i could go home today!! >,< *sighsighsigh*

i miss being home--even only for 9days--sooo much! that's enough reason for tomorrow should be my last day of pediatric exam, should be!! i'll swap all the things from nutrition status, growth and development, immunization, newborn and probs, shock and so... exactly before jumat pray!

"c'mon, doc... i need my holiday, CITO!!" (cited from my current friendster shoutout)


*a febrile seizure is a convulsion in a child triggered by a fever

today is my 1st day of pediatric exam, together with 2 of my friends, 3 of us headed to klaten (again) this morning to have our exam. lucky us! there are enough new patient admissions so each of us could get 1 patient for exam, at first we thought that it was dengue and friends... since the last time we're doing our jobs here it was dengue all over the pediatric ward. but we're missed, now it's the febrile seizure season! 1 of us got the simple one, the other 2 got the complex... (i got the complex one ;p)

after the morning visit, 3 of us hurry up doing all the examinations; history taking, immunization status, pedigree, growth and developmental status, physical exam, anthropometric measurements etc and then write nervously on our medical record paper made for exam. i don't know why, but i do feel nervous, although i'm lucky enough having a nice(st) specialist as my examiner. but still, an exam is an exam Xp

at 12.30pm i've finished completing my whole medical record, put it in a green map and placed it on my examiner's desk. 30 minutes later he came and we went back to the ward having my physical examinations evaluated. i did it fast, or maybe it's too fast that i could feel my heart palpitates a bit more than usual and sweats my hand while percussed and auscultated the child, somehow i could feel my hands become slippery... oh well, i just hope it'll be okay with my examiner! (and God i hope he didn't see the nervous me!!)

pfiuuuhh... now it's time to study the theories!!


*title taken from paul mccartney's "this never happened before", ost of the lake house

this evening i turn on the tv right after i dropped off my brother to the airport--he went back to jakarta tonite, and there it is... i found a movie i've watched 2 years ago with him, the romantic drama starred by mr. reeves and mrs. bullock; the lake house. he said that this movie is actually a remake from an asian movie (korean or taiwan? i dunno...), so back when we watched this movie in the cinema he simply knew how's the story gonna ended.

i know that a happily-ever-after ending for such a romantic drama movie is likely a must, despite however the story goes, but watching this movie again has made me realize (again) that probably, probably there could be a miracle happen between two people. ok, maybe in this movie showed it a bit over... like the mailbox which act as the time-tunnel-kinda for both of them, for me it's quite unbelievable, but the way we'll find the right one for each one of us, in an unbelievable way?? i do believe in that ^^

later, the soundtrack of this movie keeps on humming in my head since ;p

i'm very sure, this never happened to me before
i met you and now i'm sure
this never happened before

now I see, this is the way it's supposed to be
i met you and now i see
this is the way it should be

this is the way it should be, for lovers
they shouldn't go it alone
it's not so good when your on your own

so come to me, now we can be what we want to be
i love you and now i see
this is the way it should be
this is the way it should be

this is the way it should be, for lovers
they shouldn't go it alone
it's not so good when your on your own

i'm very sure, this never happened to me before
i met you and now i'm sure
this never happened before~ this never happened before
this never happened before~ this never happened before
this never happened before~ this never happened before
this never happened before


*i do looove karaoke!!

today i went to sardjito hospital to do some stuffs for my upcoming pediatric exam, i walk here and there but still for some reasons it can't be finished today, oh well... n'mind, then me and my friends decided to go home since there's nothing we can do to accelerate our exam. so i have one of my friends dropped me to my car outside the hospital, turned on my engine... and it just popped out of my mind; i haven't been to karaoke for quite a long time.

i realize i'm having a sore throat for these last 2 weeks, but i just don't care. the sun outside was damn hot, i'm damn thristy, and i'm craving to sing ;p so i drive myself to happy puppy, where me, my family and friends usually went for karaoke.

when i'm arrived, there are not much people waiting in the lobby for an empty lounge, but i don't wanna waste my time so i just give my member card to the receptionist and having a medium room just for myself ^^ (and i message him and my brother just in case if they wanna join me later), then when i sat on the couch i realize that i reaaally miss karaoke a lot! i typed all the songs i want to sing in a hurry: "sunday morning", "soulmate", "dia", "you", "since i found you", "cinta jangan kau pergi", "bahasa kalbu", "keliru", "all i am", "semenjak ada dirimu", "truly", "because of you", and so on... guess i was singing about 1 hour non-stop, then i realize my throat was really in pain and i quickly ordered a warm orange juice and a plate of cheese french fries. hmm... yum! ;p maybe it's not only the karaoke i'm missing, but for having a leisure time like this after an 8 weeks of sickness of being in hospital... it was really fun!


omg... i've never thought that my last week of pediatric clinical rotation in sardjito's perinatology room would be like this, too horrible to be true. imagine this, for the last 4 weeks in klaten i could have some extra sleep after subuh pray and wake up at 7.30am, having my breakfast, take a slow bath, then drive away at 8.30am or even 8.45am, and still i could make it there on time, but this week?? i've to be there on perinatology room b-e-f-o-r-e 7am!! yeah rite i'm having a terrible jet lag... plus, we couldn't get out from that room during the working hours (7am-2pm), yeah 7 hours of sitting in a boring room and without any foods and drinks allowed (dine and drink only allowed in a pantry which is quite dirty, and most of the time filled with hungry and thirsty nurses), i'm totally sick of just sitting and being jailed for 7 hours like that, really. fortunately the first 3 days there are no supervisors since all the staffs headed to surabaya attending a huge meeting, so we're able to touch the babies (of course after spraying our hands thousand times each time before and after, and you know it'll make a girl's hand dry... T.T) to do follow-up every morning and noon, but since yesterday all of them are coming back, and there goes our nightmare begin worse...

there's a supervisor, a female pediatrician, having an advance skill putting us--poor co-assisstants--in a thrilling ambience everytime she's near. the way she stares, the way she talks, and yes you have to be there to feel what kinda thriller ambience i told before, but believe me, it's thrilling us.. today the boys all went back first for doing jumat pray, and the rest of us, all girls, still desperately sitting there and we're too scared to go out even we're just want to go to the toilet! the et causa is clear, today's supervisor is her... the thrilling-ambience-pediatrician. we've been warned by our friends having perinatology roon rotation before us, that if she's the supervisor of the day, we have to keep stay in the room, don't you dare to even go out and walking around, take off all your accessories, watches, braces, rings, evrything! and don't you dare to eat or drink (unless in that small room i told you before) for she'll stare you in a scary way and having you punished with remedial in perinatology room ranging from 1 day to the whole week. imagine that, being jailed, again, for 7 hours, in a thrilling ambience, sitting til bored to death!! one of my teammates even said that this just similar like the way we used to wait for maghrib in ramadhan, but different is in here we're waiting with mumbling, grumbling, grunting, and asking to each of every one of us, "what time is it now?" in every 10 minutes, neither with pray nor read Quran. i even said that 4 weeks in klaten were much better than being in sardjito's perinatology room for 1 week, it's true. and there she suddenly, finally goes to our room, clearly stated that we're not allowed to eat and drink, take off all accessories, or else she'll punish us with remedial in perinatology room (hell no!!), and we're just stare her like we're liliputs and she's gulliver. i am soo terribly desperate...

(and i still have 1 more day to be there tomorrow... ou my dear Lord help me!!)


meet them, my beloved teammates during our pediatric clinical rotation. well actually there are 5 of us, but the other one seems a bit shy to be captured here ;) we've spend these last 4 weeks together in klaten, in a hospital where we have to spend our time most. from perinatology room to the ward to the daily clinic... and here we are, gladly facing the fact that this saturday will be our last day there!! it's not that we're not having a good time and not much to be learned... but spending the whole 4 weeks in a same place? for me, i'm bored to death Xp thank God we don't have any heavy tasks, but it's become boring if you really don't have anything to do... like few patients in the ward? how do i'm expected to learn more?? at least our supervisor there was nice, yes he is nice, and i do really like him ^^ a javanese typical grandfather, with low-profile appearance everytime facing us or his patients. despite the fact that he's quite busy and he's a bit lazy too having discussion with more if it lasts more than 1pm.. yeah i know i'm infected with acute lazyness virus already too, but n'mind... it'll be over in a few days!! yeay!!

it's us!! ;)