*i've never been this tired since obs-gyn

yeah, for sure. these 2 weeks such an *ssh*l* for me, no doubt 'bout it. it was the definite tiredness i've to countered everydays, 24/7, for 2 weeks!! and oh God 2 weeks seemed like a month!!

i've to wake up everyday, without having a nap after subuh pray like always, quickly shut the bathroom door to take a quick bath in a damn cold dawn, and need to be arrive--yeah, arrive, not depart--in the hospital at 6.30am. even my eyes haven't awake fully yet! and then i've to sit nicely in a room, with heavy eyes and heavy head waiting for its time to fall asleep again, hearing all the reports for the upcoming operation of that day. then after that rushed to the operating room, preparing all the anesthetic thingies including the patients, from iv line to the drugs to the monitor to the intubation stuffs and that huge anesthetic machine. but that's not enough, for i've to wait until all the operations scheduled in the operating theater and we definitely can't leave before the patients are fully awake, with gcs score 15--the highest. i am frustrated. came earliest in the morning and leave the latest in the evening. not forgetting that there are schedule for the e.r and icu too, where emergency operations could be listed from noon til up to the next morning, and where all the ventilator and monitor machines are beeping unquietly.

i don't even have a time to update my writings here, see?? T.T

but thank God, it'll ended soon. tomorrow i'll have my last day in the operating room. i'm sick enough seeing those green wall with all the machines inside. enough is enough. and i'm waiting for my "holiday" next week.

hope it will be a real one. amen...

i don't wanna be either one of'em, naaaah!


taken by mommy before the tragedy

*i've never been uglier than current

it's a bit awkward spending those precious holiday only with my parents since someone as the member of the family wasn't there with us... oh sorry, not someone, i mean a cat ;p but n'mind, just enjoy my holiday and he'll be just fine though...

first of all, thailand and its beaches are amazingly astounding, they're really are. thailand itself already famous for it was a really attractive place to shop, and it's true!! ethnic bags decorated mostly with beads and elephant ornaments (yeah~ it's thailand, anyway ;p), painted colorful wooden bangles, those heavenly seafood including the best taste of tom yam in the world... *omg, i'm drooling... ;p~~ not forgetting those bling-bling temples which always decorated in golden colors, with fresh lotus buds sold everywhere for the prayers.

and about phuket, krabi and ko phi phi islands... if you watched the 1st season of amazing race asia in the episode where mardy and marsio succeed in finding the fast forward ticket which is hide inbetween those beautiful rocky cliffs islands, or if you remember one of leonardo dicaprio's movie "the beach"... well, it was made there, with its beautiful landscape of its island with slitted cliffs and caves everywhere, greeneries mushroomed inbetween, and beautiful, beautiful clear aquamarine sea together with sparkling white sand beaches. gorgeous! i've to say that ^^

i wish i was there forever!!

the water, the cliffs, the greenery... they're beautiful, aren't they?

as i said, gorgeous isn't it? ...but not the sun, since such a cruel thing happen to my face after that one-full-sunbathing-day >:(

i got sunburns in both my white smooth cheeks, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! T.T