today i went out a while after i came back from my last day in ophthalmology clinic, one of my friend treats us in a newly opened sundanese restaurant near saphir sq, and i'm invited... yum yum ;9 it was sooo hot outside! i sweat heavily and i can't stand to not wearing a very light tee n a big round sunnies, well... i know the sun in this city undoubtedly hotter than in my hometown, but just after i realize the outside-temp-o-meter in the dashboard shows a surprisingly scale... i thought, "no wonder i could be a boiled crab look-alike if i stay outside just for 5mins."

it's 36 degrees outside, people!! geez...


...i'll be sleeping neatly in my first home! i've got all my stuffs in my bag, 2 dresses, 1 jeans, some bath and body care stuffs, ticket in my wallet... ahh if only i could go home today!! >,< *sighsighsigh*

i miss being home--even only for 9days--sooo much! that's enough reason for tomorrow should be my last day of pediatric exam, should be!! i'll swap all the things from nutrition status, growth and development, immunization, newborn and probs, shock and so... exactly before jumat pray!

"c'mon, doc... i need my holiday, CITO!!" (cited from my current friendster shoutout)