last tuesday, 09092008, me and one of my co-ass group member spend a nite in solo, in one of our friend's house. she promised to treat us regarding her birthday last month, and we've made a sort of list of yummiest foods in solo to eat... such as, nasi liwet keprabon, timlo solo, selat solo, bistik, tengkleng, mandarin orion, and srabi notosuman. in the evening, after we break our fast, we drive to a place called pgs--pusat grosir solo--where plenty of famous food stalls from around the city gathered in a city walk. trust me, that place smells like heaven and oooh we just can't waaaaait to eeaaaaat!!! ;9~~

1st round, selat solo and nasi kabsha

unfortunately, we couldn't have selat mbak lies she promoted, and this selat has a thick soup (supposedly the light one... but it's ok) and sliced beef instead of a classic burger-look-alike meat,  with no mayo, and scrambled egg instead of a sunny side. fortunately, i was damn hungry... and my taste bud doesn't have any taste bud types except for 'good' and 'very good' food. so i cleaned up the whole plate in less than 15mins!! ^^ ...and i still can eat moooore ;)

in the other plate, nasi kabsha tastes just like nasi kebuli, but its sweet sour sauce with slices of pineapples was definitely nice!! spicy, sweet, and sour... hmmm what could we ask for more??

2nd round, bistik populer and sate kere a.k.a sate tempe gembus

it's a bit funny when i found out that the bistik looks similar with the previous selat, but it's presented in a right way as a classic bistik: a burger-look-alike meat with an extra sunny side egg, steamed potato wedges, peas, carrots, thick soup, and no mayo... oh well, feels like i'm eating the same thing before but n'mind, i'm still hungry and the previously grilled meat was sooooo tasty!! the thickness of the soup fits well with the meat, and again... i finished it in less than 15mins. do i have a rubber gastric or what?? ;p 

our last menu that nite is sate kere, made specially from tempe gembus. i knew that somehow this food was quite famous, but still i'm not very sure 'bout it til we order a portion. yuuuuuummmm!! the tempe was previously cooked with some typical javanese ingredients, then grilled just as an ordinary sate, but then bathe with a thick peanut sauce sprinkled with black pepper and small chilis... it was such a purrrfect desert for me ^^ and of course, it's recommended to try!

last but not least, thanks a lot to miss hutchu for the wonderful evening, and i'm still eagerly wait for the next invitation ;* love you!

me featuring the sate kere ^^


today i went out a while after i came back from my last day in ophthalmology clinic, one of my friend treats us in a newly opened sundanese restaurant near saphir sq, and i'm invited... yum yum ;9 it was sooo hot outside! i sweat heavily and i can't stand to not wearing a very light tee n a big round sunnies, well... i know the sun in this city undoubtedly hotter than in my hometown, but just after i realize the outside-temp-o-meter in the dashboard shows a surprisingly scale... i thought, "no wonder i could be a boiled crab look-alike if i stay outside just for 5mins."

it's 36 degrees outside, people!! geez...


last 01082008 was an important day for me: i met with the girls from my junior high!! ^^ omg... it's been 8 years since we're graduate from junior high, when they came to my eyes i couldn't believe the fact that i saw'em all... it was too happy to be true. one of'em brought her collections of our vintage photos, yeah that kinda photos when we still wore loose uniform shirts, plain face without any make-ups, short socks, keds... and act like weirdos! (if you see our photos then you'll get what i mean ;p) hahaha *LOL* we really missed those times that we laugh for every photos taken, we really do ;)

ahh... girls, i'll looking forward to our reunion next year!! i love you, i'll miss you, always... ;*

*last but not least, bye-bye my lovely holiday...


from 29072008 til 30072008 my family planned to spend a night in safari garden hotel, since at the same our beloved first niece was here--imported by his smart mom ;p--having holiday with his grandparents--my uncle and auntie. surprisingly, 6 families of my mom's siblings could make it!! so there i am, happily surrounded by my family, whole lot of my cousins and a niece... it's been quite a long time since i enjoyed this kinda holiday with my big family ^^ plus, my soon-to-be sis-in-law came from padang! even though she caught a cold the night when she arrived but she managed to catch up with us the next morning, of course, with some drugs and antibiotic in her bag... but still it's ok.

weeks before, my mom went to taman safari together with a workgroup of his office, having a leisure time after a meeting. she told us about a performance held there called "wild wild west: cowboy show", she said it was awesome, funny, with real horses, ducks, sheeps, eagle, and even mouse! so that right after we passed the entrance to the main amusement park we drove straight to the highest part of the hill to watch the show. before the gate was opened, we're being entertained with a small-but-nice country band wearing cowboys-like stuffs, and 15 mins before the show we're able to try using the cowboy leash, spankin' it!!

unfortunately we're not allowed to use video camera during the show--or else the security staff will warn us--so that taking photos were the only thing permitted, but trust me the show was really worth to watch!! the stage performance was nice, the actors and actresses make-up were good, two-thumbs-up for the combos of action and comedy, and not forgetting the real animals!! they're sooo damn cute!!! from ducks, horses, dogs, cats, mouse, sheeps, and eagle... it was outstanding!! i bet not only children, but you'll like it too ;)

oh, and btw... my happy holiday was even more completed with a happy news: my cousin's getting married next month!! i'm sooo happy for her so that i immediately messaging all my cousins 'bout it ^^ kyaaaa...

the soon-to-be bride ^^


ahh... finally it's holiday! i couldn't hold my lips from smiling since i arrived on soekarno-hatta int'l airport at 25072008 noon, and greet my mom, my brother and his friends happily ^^ it feels sooo good to inspire my hometown's air--even though it's polluted--since for me it smells like a freshly-baked-from-the-oven holiday ;9

on 26072008 morning i saw a new entertainment facilities in fX sudirman called "atmostfear" reported in the news, it's a 72m high sliding tunnel built in the middle of the plaza, down from 7th to 1st floor. it is said that there are only 3 "atmostfear" in the world: indonesia, australia, and... (?) i forgot ;p it looks fun, and of course... i want to try it!! so i told my parents and the others that i wanna try that "atmostfear", and at 10am we drive ourselves there. to experience this "atmostfear", we have to shop at least IDR 1 in any stores in fX, then exchange our payment bill to have a lucky draw to get the "atmostfear" ticket--so we might be unlucky enough to get it ;p--or else we have to shop at least IDR 100,000 to choose having the ticket freely without drawing *smart marketing idea, huh?* after bought some foods, drinks, and stuffs we finally manage to get enough ticket for 5 of us: me, my brother, 2 friends of my brother, and my niece. we went up to the 7th floor, having a short-time in a queue, then wear all the safety equipments, and we're ready to slide!! ^^

for me, it's not too scary actually... even though i realize that some of the safety equipments are already torn, but n'mind! it's the sensation itself that i'm looking for ;p sliding in a special matress down from 7th to 1st floor in 12 secs, i kept my eyes opened for i don't wanna miss any seconds to know how it feels, and even though i was rolling all over as soon as i slide out from the tunnel... it was really, really fun!! ^^ for those not having acrophobia, this "atmostfear" is recommended to try!! ;)

me, post atmostfear-ing ^^


*i do looove karaoke!!

today i went to sardjito hospital to do some stuffs for my upcoming pediatric exam, i walk here and there but still for some reasons it can't be finished today, oh well... n'mind, then me and my friends decided to go home since there's nothing we can do to accelerate our exam. so i have one of my friends dropped me to my car outside the hospital, turned on my engine... and it just popped out of my mind; i haven't been to karaoke for quite a long time.

i realize i'm having a sore throat for these last 2 weeks, but i just don't care. the sun outside was damn hot, i'm damn thristy, and i'm craving to sing ;p so i drive myself to happy puppy, where me, my family and friends usually went for karaoke.

when i'm arrived, there are not much people waiting in the lobby for an empty lounge, but i don't wanna waste my time so i just give my member card to the receptionist and having a medium room just for myself ^^ (and i message him and my brother just in case if they wanna join me later), then when i sat on the couch i realize that i reaaally miss karaoke a lot! i typed all the songs i want to sing in a hurry: "sunday morning", "soulmate", "dia", "you", "since i found you", "cinta jangan kau pergi", "bahasa kalbu", "keliru", "all i am", "semenjak ada dirimu", "truly", "because of you", and so on... guess i was singing about 1 hour non-stop, then i realize my throat was really in pain and i quickly ordered a warm orange juice and a plate of cheese french fries. hmm... yum! ;p maybe it's not only the karaoke i'm missing, but for having a leisure time like this after an 8 weeks of sickness of being in hospital... it was really fun!