i rarely watched a same movie twice in the cinema, but this year i found out myself watched "transformers" and "twilight" twice. they're both great movies anyway, but in different type, of course.

"twilight" tells a story of edward cullen--a kind-hearted vampire--and isabella swan--an ordinary girl--fell in love with each other. i don't think i'll write the plot summary here since i don't feel like it, and i've to admit that the story was quite far beyond my imagination. i didn't read the book for sure, and yet i'm not planning to ;p but at least i know how it will be til the end of the tetralogy books: a happily-ever-after ending ;) *such a spoiler spoiler spoiler*

the thing is, in "twilight", i was mesmerized by edward cullen.

why? not because he's handsome--besides he's not wearing a red robe, armor, riding a horse, and able to fight with sword like edmund pevensie does ;p teehee--but for he's the most polite gentleman i've ever seen in a movie. and thanks to him, for i'm gladly crowned "twilight" as the most romantic movie of the year--for me, of course ;)

isabella swan: you've got to give me some answers.
edward cullen: i'd rather hear your theories.

isabella swan: i have considered radioactive spiders and kryptonite.
edward cullen: that's all superhero stuff, right? what if i'm not the hero?
                      what if i'm... the bad guy?

isabella swan: i'm not scared of you.
edward cullen: you really shouldn't have said that.

edward cullen: are you afraid?
isabella swan: i'm only afraid of losing you.

edward cullen: and so the lion fell in love with the lamb.

isabella swan: what a stupid lamb.

edward cullen: what a sick, masochistic lion.

my favorite scene yet mt favorite date too! ^^

the memorable first kiss

edward cullen: that's what you dream about? being a monster?
isabella swan: i dream about being with you forever.

and finally, the prom dance...

i was a quick wet boy, diving too deep for coins
all of your street light eyes wide on my plastic toys

then when the cops closed the fair, i cut my long baby hair

stole me a dog-eared map and called for you everywhere

have i found you

flightless bird, jealous, weeping or lost you, american mouth

big pill looming

now i'm a fat house cat

nursing my sore blunt tongue

watching the warm poison rats curl through the wide fence cracks

pissing on magazine photos

those fishing lures thrown in the cold

and clean blood of Christ mountain stream

have i found you

flightless bird, grounded, bleeding or lost you, american mouth

big pill stuck going down


*talking 'bout prince charming...

i bet most of the girls in the world must have been dreamed about her own prince charming. y'know... that kinda handsome-looking-gentleman, with flowing red robe, holding a shiny sword carved with gold, riding on the horseback through the greeny savana, to take the princess--that's me, or us, the girls, literally ;p--away and live happily ever after in a castle upon the hill. hahaha go on, laugh on me! but i never exactly stop dreaming about my own prince charming since i started to watch walt disney's "snow white" at age 3. that's why i always dreamed on my prince to be exactly like that; dark brown hair, brown eyes, with red robe and riding a horse--well, for the horse, i prefer the brown rather the white one. remember the prince charming in "shrek"?? sooo no, it's a big no no! >,<

yesterday, 15112008, when i was sat lazily in front of the tv screen and played with the remote, i found out that "the chronicles of narnia: the lion, the witch, and the wardrobe" was aired in disney channel. i passed the first 30 minutes, i guess... but that's ok. it's still worth to be watched and i'm so eager for it! ...and there they are, the pevensie children; peter, edmund, susan, and lucy. edmund, the third, was the center of the story, for he (almost) betrayed on his own siblings and lead them to the witch. he's still a boy in this movie, but if u've seen the "prince caspian"... dang! edmund pevensie is sooo close to my definition of prince charming--of my own, of course. here are some pics and cutscenes from "prince caspian". isn't he handsome, cool, but looked warm at the same time? and that straight-looking eyes! @.@ aaahh... i wish i was teenager once again ^^

my prince charming

an astounding dual-sword knight

yet a magnificent cross-bow archer too

unfortunately, prince charming didn't exist in real world. yeah, of course... there'll be no men wandering around with sword, robe, and horse like that. they'll drive fancy cars instead, ain't it right?? ;p but however, keeping a childhood dream like this helped me out to "breathe" for a while between my hectic thingies happened in my real life. even just for a sec, it always turns my lips to smile. and even though i've found someone--hopefully, my heartkeeper, my soulmate for ever and after--i chosed to be with in the upcoming wedded bliss, which isn't even similar with my prince charming, i won't ever stopped dreaming about it.


last monday, 10112008, i watched the "high school musical 3: senior year" movie, since i never let myself absent watched the previous 2 of the trilogy, then the last one is a must ;) it was really nice seeing troy and gabriella sing and dance throughout the movie again, they're such a cute couple--in reality too! uugh i envy vanessa for this!!--and i have to admit: i always sighed each time i watched the trilogy.

for i didn't have such a wonderful 3-years-highschool moments like those wildcats...

to have that many counts of friends--real friends, not just-friends--with all the precious moments and memories to be remembered later. but it was already 5 years ago anyway ;p

my favorite song from the last trilogy is "can i have this dance?". the pictures below are the scenes when they were dance in waltz rhythm on the school rooftop, and in the end rain was poured down all over... cute!! ^^

take my hand, take a breath
pull me close and take one step

keep your eyes locked on mine,

and let the music be your guide.

[troy, gabriella]
won't you promise me (now won't you promise me, that you'll never forget) we'll keep dancing (to keep dancing) wherever we go next

it's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
it's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do

and with every step together, we just keep on getting better

so can i have this dance (can i have this dance)

can i have this dance

take my hand, i'll take the lead
and every turn will be safe with me

don't be afraid, afraid to fall

you know i'll catch you through it all

[troy, gabriella]
and you can't keep us apart (even a thousand miles, can't keep us apart) 'cause my heart is (cause my heart is) wherever you are

it's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you
it's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do

and with every step together, we just keep on getting better

so can i have this dance (can i have this dance)

can i have this dance

[gabriella, troy]
oh no mountains too high enough, oceans too wide
'cause together or not, our dance won't stop

let it rain, let it pour

what we have is worth fighting for

you know i believe, that we were meant to be

it's like catching lightning the chances of finding someone like you (like you)
it's one in a million, the chances of feeling the way we do (way we do)

and with every step together, we just keep on getting better

so can i have this dance (can i have this dance)

can i have this dance

can i have this dance
can i have this dance


*a.k.a "escape from huang shi" ;)

yesterday when i was in the queue with my heartkeeper for "wanted", i saw a movie poster right beside it, titled "escape from huang shi", showing close-ups of jonathan rhys meyers, the famous chow yun fat and michelle yeoh *i just can't stop loving them since "crouching tiger hidden dragon", go asian!! ^^* also an australian actress named radha mitchell. so that since yesterday i pleaded him like a child that i wanna watch this movie today, before he goes to klaten in the evening.

this movie actually has 3 titles, "escape from huang shi" is actually used in indonesia and singapore--as the english title, and in australia the title "children of the silk road" is used. but those 3 titles are not the matters. the movie itself is.

the US title

inspired by a true story, this movie is a portrayal both sweeping and intimate of people who, thrown into an unexpected and desperate situation, discover their capacity for love and responsibility. back in world war II, a young englishman war reporter named george hogg (jonathan rhys meyers) came to nanjing and witnessed such a cruelty events when a group of chinese savages were all killed brutally by the japanese invaders. he got himself caught and his camera was taken, he's just an inch away from death if some subordinates of chen han sheng a.k.a jack chen (chow yun fat), leader of a chinese partisan group, didn't shot the liutenant whose swaying his samurai right above hogg's bare neck. 

being wounded, chen brought hogg away to an emergency hospital of the red cross, and met lee pearson (radha mitchell), a recklessly brave american adventurer whom war has turned into an unsentimental nurse on horseback. hogg doesn't want to give up yet, and still insist to go to the frontline. suggested by lee, jack told hogg to go to a place called huang shi, not to the frontline, where he could learn much more than just war in front of his eyes.

lies in huang shi, an old abandoned boys orphanage runs by an old maid, where lee usually came to visit once every 2 months. those boys were all dirty, smelly, eat a small portion of steamed rice taken from a jar filled with maggots, and sleep beneath a rough woven mat filled with mites. they are pathetic, in short. as time goes by, hogg manages to create relationship with those boys. he repairs the generator and turned on the lightbulbs in every room, taught  english to the boys (and they taught him chinese in return ^^), taught them to grow up some plants and vegetables for their own consumption which seeds are bought from madame wang (michelle yeoh), an aristocratic survivor who has also been displaced by war, which later became his bestfriends, and gave him a book "the silk road" as a present. together with lee, he even made those boys to take bath and use the anti-mites talc brought by lee, and also build a basketball ring to play with them. it was a happy moments just before they realized that japanese troops are getting closer to their sanctuary, and they must leave for live.

helped with stacks of supplies from madame wang, together with lee and jack, hogg leads a group of those sixty orphaned boys on an extraordinary journey of 700 miles across the snow-bound liu pan shan mountains to safety on the edge of the mongolian desert, walk the way through the authentic silk road itself. passed along the chillest snowy mountain down to the sandy desert, they managed to stay together facing all the obstacles encountered, from a couple of japanese spies, the death of one of the boy, and the bitter fact that lee had consumed opium since years ago to muffle her tired and sick heart witnessing the war.

unfortunately, hogg got himself a scar when one of the trucks they borrowed from a kindly-heart judge in their way was broken, it was just a small cut in his palm, but those happy face of the groups turned out worries seeing their greatest savior fall because of tetanus, in times when lee also ran out of all her drugs and vaccines. tears are falling in their new home, a large old temple in a mountain near the western end of the great wall of china, when lee, jack, and those boys buried the most gentle man they've ever met in their lives. and within their heart, he'll be their hero for ever and after.


is poet was the theme for tonight? not on purpose, when i turned on the tv this noon and looked at the movie schedule, i found that "finding forrester" and "shakespeare in love" were listed in hbo signature in couple hours. i knew i already watched that movie for about 3-4 times, yet i'm still eager to watch it again ;)

"finding forrester" is a story 'bout a 16-years-old boy named jamal wallace, an ordinary high school student in bronx with bright future and also a talented basketball player, having a great passion on writing and literature. he coincidentally met a mysterious old man living in the top floor of a spooky apartement near his public high school when his friends dare him to sneak in to the old man's room one night and left his backpack there not in purpose. the next morning his bag was dropped off from the window where he sneaked in the night before, and later he found that all his writings in his note books were all being given comments all over the pages.

few days later jamal was offered to moved to a well-known private high school, regarding his remarkable marks on class and his talent in playing basketball. confused to be transposed from his former school to a new high-class private school and to answers all his questions about his writings, he constantly visited the mysterious old man, which later he found out that this mysterious old man is william forrester, a pulitzer-winning writer for his first novel "avalon landing". william helps jamal to work with his writings but gave him 2 rules: to not tell anyone who is he, and that all the writings jamal wrote in his place stay inside, thus not allowing him to show his writings except to william himself.

unfortunately jamal's amazing progress in writings makes his teacher suspect him copied his writings from someone else. of course, he became irritated, and later when he confronts his teacher in class, in an "i'll-tell-a-quote-you'll-tell-the-writer"-kinda-game, he won undoubtedly. his teacher became so angry and put him on threat that soon he'll arrange a meeting with the school board to kick him out from the school, unless he writes an apologize letter ;p as expected, jamal refuses.

at the same time william found out that one of his writing went missing, and questioned jamal angrily whether he was the one took it out or not. jamal admits, and said that he gave the writing to a publisher, for he was wondering why this pulitzer-winning writer never publish anymore books since his first novel. abruptly saying that william was just afraid to face a world that has completely different from the way it used to be in his era, jamal stated that he will never pulled himself back if he knew he was right.

the next day jamal and his basketball team are going to the final game of the high school basketball league. it was a real tight game between his team and the opposite team, til jamal gets a 2 free-throws and has to succeed both to win ...but unfortunately, he failed both.

encourage by jamal's bravery to face the fact that he fails those most important throws for his team, william came to the writing symposium in jamal's school and reads out jamal's letter which delivered to him the day after the final game. those outstanding words jamal wrote on the letter has made all the audience amazed, including the teacher.

but just after william said that it was written by jamal, he suddenly stopped clapping his hands and yelled that it won't change the plan for jamal facing the school board to be kicked out. fortunately, the wise director of the school admits jamal's remarkable talent in writings, and cancelled the board meeting. letting both william and jamal went out from the room with smile on their lips.

the day after, william went back to his homeland, scotland. two years later in his senior year, a lawyer came to jamal and told him a shocking news that william has passed away, and that he wanted jamal to take care all his belongings in his apartement, including all the books and the unpublished writings. such a huge gift for jamal, an unforgettable, and the most precious too ^^

well... now you know why i put this movie on my favorite list in friendster ;) also, since i assumed that most of people had watched "shakespeare in love" rather than "finding forrester", i do recommend this movie to watch! especially for those interested in writings... surely, it'll inspire you a lot, ain't it right??


*title taken from paul mccartney's "this never happened before", ost of the lake house

this evening i turn on the tv right after i dropped off my brother to the airport--he went back to jakarta tonite, and there it is... i found a movie i've watched 2 years ago with him, the romantic drama starred by mr. reeves and mrs. bullock; the lake house. he said that this movie is actually a remake from an asian movie (korean or taiwan? i dunno...), so back when we watched this movie in the cinema he simply knew how's the story gonna ended.

i know that a happily-ever-after ending for such a romantic drama movie is likely a must, despite however the story goes, but watching this movie again has made me realize (again) that probably, probably there could be a miracle happen between two people. ok, maybe in this movie showed it a bit over... like the mailbox which act as the time-tunnel-kinda for both of them, for me it's quite unbelievable, but the way we'll find the right one for each one of us, in an unbelievable way?? i do believe in that ^^

later, the soundtrack of this movie keeps on humming in my head since ;p

i'm very sure, this never happened to me before
i met you and now i'm sure
this never happened before

now I see, this is the way it's supposed to be
i met you and now i see
this is the way it should be

this is the way it should be, for lovers
they shouldn't go it alone
it's not so good when your on your own

so come to me, now we can be what we want to be
i love you and now i see
this is the way it should be
this is the way it should be

this is the way it should be, for lovers
they shouldn't go it alone
it's not so good when your on your own

i'm very sure, this never happened to me before
i met you and now i'm sure
this never happened before~ this never happened before
this never happened before~ this never happened before
this never happened before~ this never happened before
this never happened before


*this is why i dislike indonesian horror movies

today i went back from klaten as usual, somehow i'm quite tired a bit--surprisingly for doing nothing. back then he called me right before i entered my car, asked me to go out for lunch and watch movies. there we are... standing in front of the one and only cinema in this lil' city, and actually i just lost my appetite to watch movie in a sudden. there are 5 studios with 3 indonesian horror movies, 1 indonesian drama comedy (i think), and the other one is hulk (and we watched it already). when he asked me to choose the movie, i give up. it'll be the hardest answer i ever give today, so i let him choose. we bought the tickets, having lunch (til we both deadly full ;p), bought some cds, and i accompanied him playing a racing game before the studio opened.

if it wasn't him i'm going out with, i'll probably put more effort to persuade to not watch the movie. it was horrible. just as i thought. it's about a girl initialed 'R' who is accidentaly died falling from stairs in her bf's house when she saw her bf having sex with another woman (which is later known that this another woman was already married! freako!!). the cheated couple being freaked out,  so that they hide R's body in the bushes. R's dad was very angry when he knows that his daughter died, for he was very sure someone responsible for her death. on the cemetery, he whispered to R's dead body and told her (in a very, very odd way) to stay in the world until she finds the ones responsible for her death and--of course, as usual; revenge. then the story goes... this and that, 'til at the end the cheated couple were dead--again, in a very, very odd way. based on what we've learned this past 5 years, people won't easily died that way. it was sooo cinetron-look-alike. apart from that horrible movie, on the way back home i turn on one of the cds i've just bought, and say... it was really good. a japanese (i think) female vocalist with soft voice--he said, singing our era's evergreen jazzy love songs rearranged in bossas style, and we both loved it!

...what a contrary with the movie ;p