*aaah... they're back! they're back!! those lovely silly couple of nodame and chiaki!!

have u ever watch the tv shows "nodame cantabile" before? it's a j-drama adapted from a manga with the same title, guess it is a successful story after all... for it continues to anime and live action, and it does! actually i found these special episode coincidentally, when i went to an otaku store somewhere behind kfc iain with him and my brother after having our breakfast in colombo street. at first i just wanna borrow the anime version of it,  but then the shopkeeper said that there's a new special episodes of its live action... and of course, i couldn't helped it to not bring it home with me! not to mention that three of us really like its story, a romantic-comedy drama, filled with classical music athmosphere, a cute one ;) i still remember a scene from the last episode, when chiaki went to okawa looking for nodame and when he coincidentally met her in the seaside street, run to her and hug her from the back... omg, that was my favorite scene of all!

see? aren't they look so sweet??

and so the story goes to prague, where they went to watch one of viera-sensei's concerto. i never thought this story would be continued til they went abroad and so... for how much money they'll spend to make it til there, but they do! but as expected since this special episode consist only 4x50-something minutes, they make it short til it reach nodame's first mozart recital and chiaki's first debut as his prize for winning the platini conducting competition (if you read the manga it should be more than 10 episodes needed til there), but since they shorten it quite well and they've done a  good effort finding a mutual cast for jean donnadieu and other european casts (even though they dub the voice with japanese later on) satisfied me well ^^

hmm... now i can't wait to read the next volume of its manga, so hurry up ninomiya tomoko!!