*this is why i dislike indonesian horror movies

today i went back from klaten as usual, somehow i'm quite tired a bit--surprisingly for doing nothing. back then he called me right before i entered my car, asked me to go out for lunch and watch movies. there we are... standing in front of the one and only cinema in this lil' city, and actually i just lost my appetite to watch movie in a sudden. there are 5 studios with 3 indonesian horror movies, 1 indonesian drama comedy (i think), and the other one is hulk (and we watched it already). when he asked me to choose the movie, i give up. it'll be the hardest answer i ever give today, so i let him choose. we bought the tickets, having lunch (til we both deadly full ;p), bought some cds, and i accompanied him playing a racing game before the studio opened.

if it wasn't him i'm going out with, i'll probably put more effort to persuade to not watch the movie. it was horrible. just as i thought. it's about a girl initialed 'R' who is accidentaly died falling from stairs in her bf's house when she saw her bf having sex with another woman (which is later known that this another woman was already married! freako!!). the cheated couple being freaked out,  so that they hide R's body in the bushes. R's dad was very angry when he knows that his daughter died, for he was very sure someone responsible for her death. on the cemetery, he whispered to R's dead body and told her (in a very, very odd way) to stay in the world until she finds the ones responsible for her death and--of course, as usual; revenge. then the story goes... this and that, 'til at the end the cheated couple were dead--again, in a very, very odd way. based on what we've learned this past 5 years, people won't easily died that way. it was sooo cinetron-look-alike. apart from that horrible movie, on the way back home i turn on one of the cds i've just bought, and say... it was really good. a japanese (i think) female vocalist with soft voice--he said, singing our era's evergreen jazzy love songs rearranged in bossas style, and we both loved it!

...what a contrary with the movie ;p

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