*i do looove karaoke!!

today i went to sardjito hospital to do some stuffs for my upcoming pediatric exam, i walk here and there but still for some reasons it can't be finished today, oh well... n'mind, then me and my friends decided to go home since there's nothing we can do to accelerate our exam. so i have one of my friends dropped me to my car outside the hospital, turned on my engine... and it just popped out of my mind; i haven't been to karaoke for quite a long time.

i realize i'm having a sore throat for these last 2 weeks, but i just don't care. the sun outside was damn hot, i'm damn thristy, and i'm craving to sing ;p so i drive myself to happy puppy, where me, my family and friends usually went for karaoke.

when i'm arrived, there are not much people waiting in the lobby for an empty lounge, but i don't wanna waste my time so i just give my member card to the receptionist and having a medium room just for myself ^^ (and i message him and my brother just in case if they wanna join me later), then when i sat on the couch i realize that i reaaally miss karaoke a lot! i typed all the songs i want to sing in a hurry: "sunday morning", "soulmate", "dia", "you", "since i found you", "cinta jangan kau pergi", "bahasa kalbu", "keliru", "all i am", "semenjak ada dirimu", "truly", "because of you", and so on... guess i was singing about 1 hour non-stop, then i realize my throat was really in pain and i quickly ordered a warm orange juice and a plate of cheese french fries. hmm... yum! ;p maybe it's not only the karaoke i'm missing, but for having a leisure time like this after an 8 weeks of sickness of being in hospital... it was really fun!

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