*i've never been this tired since obs-gyn

yeah, for sure. these 2 weeks such an *ssh*l* for me, no doubt 'bout it. it was the definite tiredness i've to countered everydays, 24/7, for 2 weeks!! and oh God 2 weeks seemed like a month!!

i've to wake up everyday, without having a nap after subuh pray like always, quickly shut the bathroom door to take a quick bath in a damn cold dawn, and need to be arrive--yeah, arrive, not depart--in the hospital at 6.30am. even my eyes haven't awake fully yet! and then i've to sit nicely in a room, with heavy eyes and heavy head waiting for its time to fall asleep again, hearing all the reports for the upcoming operation of that day. then after that rushed to the operating room, preparing all the anesthetic thingies including the patients, from iv line to the drugs to the monitor to the intubation stuffs and that huge anesthetic machine. but that's not enough, for i've to wait until all the operations scheduled in the operating theater and we definitely can't leave before the patients are fully awake, with gcs score 15--the highest. i am frustrated. came earliest in the morning and leave the latest in the evening. not forgetting that there are schedule for the e.r and icu too, where emergency operations could be listed from noon til up to the next morning, and where all the ventilator and monitor machines are beeping unquietly.

i don't even have a time to update my writings here, see?? T.T

but thank God, it'll ended soon. tomorrow i'll have my last day in the operating room. i'm sick enough seeing those green wall with all the machines inside. enough is enough. and i'm waiting for my "holiday" next week.

hope it will be a real one. amen...

i don't wanna be either one of'em, naaaah!

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