pre-wedding session di parangtritis yogyakarta, taken by kenvin pinardy

22 may 2009: wedding reception

this is it... the final day aka the wedding reception. truthfully, i can't thanked my parents enough for this... it's definitely the wedding of my dream; rich in yogyakarta atmosphere, completed with soldiers and opening traditional dance, got my favorite band 'romantic 4' as the wedding band--you should watch'em on stage every monday nite in pisa cafe menteng, trust me, they're lovely!!--also classic style of our make-up and wedding clothes, flowers and foods, family and friends all around... i couldn't have a better wedding than this, it's so perfect! :)
wearing yogyakarta's kanigaran (kebesaran) clothes, similar with those worn by sultan hamengku buwono for crowning ceremony in the palace. black was the only original color for this, beautiful! as if we're the real king and queen ;)
before the long march being started
with paes ageng make-up which was rich in yogyakarta philosophical meaning and dressed in kanigaran, i never looked beautiful than before... teehee! :D
watching the srimpi dance while sitting on the marvelous stage in joglo-style
the new happy family
the wedding vendors:
wedding organizer >> purusatama (they organized the wedding of agus yudhoyono and anisa pohan)
traditional make-up and kanigaran wardrobe >> mrs. tari donolobo from sanggar sri renggo sadono, visit her website here
parents and siblings wardrobe >> busana jawi, bara, and sri djaja (most beautiful batik cloth i've ever seen! also sultan's favorite)
pre-wedding pictures >> kenvin pinardy (his works were awwwweeesome!! view his portfolio here)
decoration >> k'jogja
catering >> gandrung (good price came as good food too)
venue >> balai samudra
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