*a febrile seizure is a convulsion in a child triggered by a fever

today is my 1st day of pediatric exam, together with 2 of my friends, 3 of us headed to klaten (again) this morning to have our exam. lucky us! there are enough new patient admissions so each of us could get 1 patient for exam, at first we thought that it was dengue and friends... since the last time we're doing our jobs here it was dengue all over the pediatric ward. but we're missed, now it's the febrile seizure season! 1 of us got the simple one, the other 2 got the complex... (i got the complex one ;p)

after the morning visit, 3 of us hurry up doing all the examinations; history taking, immunization status, pedigree, growth and developmental status, physical exam, anthropometric measurements etc and then write nervously on our medical record paper made for exam. i don't know why, but i do feel nervous, although i'm lucky enough having a nice(st) specialist as my examiner. but still, an exam is an exam Xp

at 12.30pm i've finished completing my whole medical record, put it in a green map and placed it on my examiner's desk. 30 minutes later he came and we went back to the ward having my physical examinations evaluated. i did it fast, or maybe it's too fast that i could feel my heart palpitates a bit more than usual and sweats my hand while percussed and auscultated the child, somehow i could feel my hands become slippery... oh well, i just hope it'll be okay with my examiner! (and God i hope he didn't see the nervous me!!)

pfiuuuhh... now it's time to study the theories!!

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