is poet was the theme for tonight? not on purpose, when i turned on the tv this noon and looked at the movie schedule, i found that "finding forrester" and "shakespeare in love" were listed in hbo signature in couple hours. i knew i already watched that movie for about 3-4 times, yet i'm still eager to watch it again ;)

"finding forrester" is a story 'bout a 16-years-old boy named jamal wallace, an ordinary high school student in bronx with bright future and also a talented basketball player, having a great passion on writing and literature. he coincidentally met a mysterious old man living in the top floor of a spooky apartement near his public high school when his friends dare him to sneak in to the old man's room one night and left his backpack there not in purpose. the next morning his bag was dropped off from the window where he sneaked in the night before, and later he found that all his writings in his note books were all being given comments all over the pages.

few days later jamal was offered to moved to a well-known private high school, regarding his remarkable marks on class and his talent in playing basketball. confused to be transposed from his former school to a new high-class private school and to answers all his questions about his writings, he constantly visited the mysterious old man, which later he found out that this mysterious old man is william forrester, a pulitzer-winning writer for his first novel "avalon landing". william helps jamal to work with his writings but gave him 2 rules: to not tell anyone who is he, and that all the writings jamal wrote in his place stay inside, thus not allowing him to show his writings except to william himself.

unfortunately jamal's amazing progress in writings makes his teacher suspect him copied his writings from someone else. of course, he became irritated, and later when he confronts his teacher in class, in an "i'll-tell-a-quote-you'll-tell-the-writer"-kinda-game, he won undoubtedly. his teacher became so angry and put him on threat that soon he'll arrange a meeting with the school board to kick him out from the school, unless he writes an apologize letter ;p as expected, jamal refuses.

at the same time william found out that one of his writing went missing, and questioned jamal angrily whether he was the one took it out or not. jamal admits, and said that he gave the writing to a publisher, for he was wondering why this pulitzer-winning writer never publish anymore books since his first novel. abruptly saying that william was just afraid to face a world that has completely different from the way it used to be in his era, jamal stated that he will never pulled himself back if he knew he was right.

the next day jamal and his basketball team are going to the final game of the high school basketball league. it was a real tight game between his team and the opposite team, til jamal gets a 2 free-throws and has to succeed both to win ...but unfortunately, he failed both.

encourage by jamal's bravery to face the fact that he fails those most important throws for his team, william came to the writing symposium in jamal's school and reads out jamal's letter which delivered to him the day after the final game. those outstanding words jamal wrote on the letter has made all the audience amazed, including the teacher.

but just after william said that it was written by jamal, he suddenly stopped clapping his hands and yelled that it won't change the plan for jamal facing the school board to be kicked out. fortunately, the wise director of the school admits jamal's remarkable talent in writings, and cancelled the board meeting. letting both william and jamal went out from the room with smile on their lips.

the day after, william went back to his homeland, scotland. two years later in his senior year, a lawyer came to jamal and told him a shocking news that william has passed away, and that he wanted jamal to take care all his belongings in his apartement, including all the books and the unpublished writings. such a huge gift for jamal, an unforgettable, and the most precious too ^^

well... now you know why i put this movie on my favorite list in friendster ;) also, since i assumed that most of people had watched "shakespeare in love" rather than "finding forrester", i do recommend this movie to watch! especially for those interested in writings... surely, it'll inspire you a lot, ain't it right??

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