currently i'm in my last week of ophthalmology clinical rotation, i've finished all my case reflections, my exam case status has been approved, and already got my examiner's name, a famous senior doctor, a bl**dy smart, and hopefully a kind one (with my mark, of course ;p).

at first i thought i won't be so interested with ophthalmology, but after spending my time there for weeks, met with a of the r-e-a-l expert til i got freeze in the operating room til 8.30pm (yes, professor... and now i'm having rhinitis T.T), treated soo nicely with a friendly one in wates (in fact i'm sure she's the nicest among them all! *love you dr. sisca ^^), and found out an interesting fact that if an ophthalmologist doing a cataract surgery they'll get paid as much as an obstetrician doing a c-sec, but of course only with local anaesthesia, v-e-r-y small amount of blood, and 15-20mins duration for each surgery. hmmm... do i smell money or what?? hahahahahahahahahaha :D

oh well... pray for me plz... so i could pass my ophthalmology exam with the best mark i could achieve, and i could start my ramadhan fasting with unstoppable smile in my lips, entering the next neurology clinical rotation happily, and after that... surely, will be the hooolidaaayy!! yeaaayy!!

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