meet them, my beloved teammates during our pediatric clinical rotation. well actually there are 5 of us, but the other one seems a bit shy to be captured here ;) we've spend these last 4 weeks together in klaten, in a hospital where we have to spend our time most. from perinatology room to the ward to the daily clinic... and here we are, gladly facing the fact that this saturday will be our last day there!! it's not that we're not having a good time and not much to be learned... but spending the whole 4 weeks in a same place? for me, i'm bored to death Xp thank God we don't have any heavy tasks, but it's become boring if you really don't have anything to do... like few patients in the ward? how do i'm expected to learn more?? at least our supervisor there was nice, yes he is nice, and i do really like him ^^ a javanese typical grandfather, with low-profile appearance everytime facing us or his patients. despite the fact that he's quite busy and he's a bit lazy too having discussion with more if it lasts more than 1pm.. yeah i know i'm infected with acute lazyness virus already too, but n'mind... it'll be over in a few days!! yeay!!

it's us!! ;)

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