*as far as i can remember, the thing called 'sea' never scared me, not until...

it was last saturday, on 13022010, right after i had my lunch with hubby, there were suddenly crowds surrounding the primary health care in front of our homestay house, we could hear some of them cried, scream, or even yelling something unclear. it was a fine day at first, yet it's still rainy season, where the clouds covered the land and all you can see was the greyish shadow.

he went to the primary health care afterwards, carrying our medical bag as usual, while i'm washing the dishes in the kitchen. the crowds outside were just getting more crowded. they said there were a group of medical students went for picnic to lihaga island, there were 9 of them, and they must be very happy at first--of course, who doesn't??--for having their friends around and have fun together, not until the bad weather came with waves and strong current. and unfortunately, it takes one of them away...

he was a medical student, the only son in his family, in about 2-3 years he'll be a medical doctor like his sister do, and today was supposed to be a usual happy-day-for-picnic with his friends and his girlfriend. but no one could predict God's will. one of his friends was already gave him cardiopulmonary resuscitation--but my hubby said, it was done in wrong manner, and she stopped doing it after exhausting 10 mins of cpr-ing, alone (why, for God's sake, when there were 8 medical students there, only 1 person could thought of doing the cpr??!)--but it doesn't bring the poor boy back in life.

i was waiting in my room when i clearly heard more people are coming they started crying, yelling, and screaming again and again. hubby said they're his family. father, mother, sister, others... and his girlfriend too--who saw his dearie went off right in front of her eyes.


ou, dear sea... i never thought i could've scared of you :(
lihaga island, where it all happened

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