omg... i've never thought that my last week of pediatric clinical rotation in sardjito's perinatology room would be like this, too horrible to be true. imagine this, for the last 4 weeks in klaten i could have some extra sleep after subuh pray and wake up at 7.30am, having my breakfast, take a slow bath, then drive away at 8.30am or even 8.45am, and still i could make it there on time, but this week?? i've to be there on perinatology room b-e-f-o-r-e 7am!! yeah rite i'm having a terrible jet lag... plus, we couldn't get out from that room during the working hours (7am-2pm), yeah 7 hours of sitting in a boring room and without any foods and drinks allowed (dine and drink only allowed in a pantry which is quite dirty, and most of the time filled with hungry and thirsty nurses), i'm totally sick of just sitting and being jailed for 7 hours like that, really. fortunately the first 3 days there are no supervisors since all the staffs headed to surabaya attending a huge meeting, so we're able to touch the babies (of course after spraying our hands thousand times each time before and after, and you know it'll make a girl's hand dry... T.T) to do follow-up every morning and noon, but since yesterday all of them are coming back, and there goes our nightmare begin worse...

there's a supervisor, a female pediatrician, having an advance skill putting us--poor co-assisstants--in a thrilling ambience everytime she's near. the way she stares, the way she talks, and yes you have to be there to feel what kinda thriller ambience i told before, but believe me, it's thrilling us.. today the boys all went back first for doing jumat pray, and the rest of us, all girls, still desperately sitting there and we're too scared to go out even we're just want to go to the toilet! the et causa is clear, today's supervisor is her... the thrilling-ambience-pediatrician. we've been warned by our friends having perinatology roon rotation before us, that if she's the supervisor of the day, we have to keep stay in the room, don't you dare to even go out and walking around, take off all your accessories, watches, braces, rings, evrything! and don't you dare to eat or drink (unless in that small room i told you before) for she'll stare you in a scary way and having you punished with remedial in perinatology room ranging from 1 day to the whole week. imagine that, being jailed, again, for 7 hours, in a thrilling ambience, sitting til bored to death!! one of my teammates even said that this just similar like the way we used to wait for maghrib in ramadhan, but different is in here we're waiting with mumbling, grumbling, grunting, and asking to each of every one of us, "what time is it now?" in every 10 minutes, neither with pray nor read Quran. i even said that 4 weeks in klaten were much better than being in sardjito's perinatology room for 1 week, it's true. and there she suddenly, finally goes to our room, clearly stated that we're not allowed to eat and drink, take off all accessories, or else she'll punish us with remedial in perinatology room (hell no!!), and we're just stare her like we're liliputs and she's gulliver. i am soo terribly desperate...

(and i still have 1 more day to be there tomorrow... ou my dear Lord help me!!)

12/22/2010 10:12:36 am

Do not regret one day in your life. Good days give you happiness; bad days give you experiences; both are essential to life.


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