ahh... finally it's holiday! i couldn't hold my lips from smiling since i arrived on soekarno-hatta int'l airport at 25072008 noon, and greet my mom, my brother and his friends happily ^^ it feels sooo good to inspire my hometown's air--even though it's polluted--since for me it smells like a freshly-baked-from-the-oven holiday ;9

on 26072008 morning i saw a new entertainment facilities in fX sudirman called "atmostfear" reported in the news, it's a 72m high sliding tunnel built in the middle of the plaza, down from 7th to 1st floor. it is said that there are only 3 "atmostfear" in the world: indonesia, australia, and... (?) i forgot ;p it looks fun, and of course... i want to try it!! so i told my parents and the others that i wanna try that "atmostfear", and at 10am we drive ourselves there. to experience this "atmostfear", we have to shop at least IDR 1 in any stores in fX, then exchange our payment bill to have a lucky draw to get the "atmostfear" ticket--so we might be unlucky enough to get it ;p--or else we have to shop at least IDR 100,000 to choose having the ticket freely without drawing *smart marketing idea, huh?* after bought some foods, drinks, and stuffs we finally manage to get enough ticket for 5 of us: me, my brother, 2 friends of my brother, and my niece. we went up to the 7th floor, having a short-time in a queue, then wear all the safety equipments, and we're ready to slide!! ^^

for me, it's not too scary actually... even though i realize that some of the safety equipments are already torn, but n'mind! it's the sensation itself that i'm looking for ;p sliding in a special matress down from 7th to 1st floor in 12 secs, i kept my eyes opened for i don't wanna miss any seconds to know how it feels, and even though i was rolling all over as soon as i slide out from the tunnel... it was really, really fun!! ^^ for those not having acrophobia, this "atmostfear" is recommended to try!! ;)

me, post atmostfear-ing ^^

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