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on monday 17112008 i entered my last stage of clinical rotation, ta-da!! it's forensic for dessert! where i've to be ready on-call if there's any sudden autopsy even in the midnite. oh yeah, that part was sucks... >:p

i thought we'll have our first autopsy on tuesday or wednesday, but "fortunately" we had it sooner: on 17112008. oh yeah, instead of the second or third day, we had it on our first day, at 6pm, and straight to outer-inner autopsy for a murdered victim, not just an outer autopsy. oh yeah, it was soooo "great", wasn't it?? and the best part is, i was the "lucky" one getting the jackpot to be the first protocol, the one who's duty is to write down all, i mean all the result of the autopsy, from the outer to the inner, from every part of the body, from every single organ, continued to the laboratory examination result and the conclusion. oh yeah, that's awesome... since the autopsy itself had made us home at 11pm, but i've to report my work the next morning--ou dear, poor my hand...--and i'm successfully having a 3-hours-sleep only, started at 4am, after i finished that f*ck*ng 8 pages report, and don't forget... it's hand-written of course. oh yeeeeaaaaah...

and just last nite, thursday, 20112008, at around 11.30pm, there was an on-call-autopsy, again. when i thought it was a stupid boy having an accident for not wearing helmet while racing on his motorcycle with his stupid friends, the cadaver surprisingly was an unknown formerly death, with that "kinda" smell--i just can't explain how does it smell here, but trust me, there's a 50% probability you'll have a sudden-right-away puke if you smell it--which made us all put some coffee powder inbetween our doubled-or-even-tripled masks, some of us even sprinkled our masks with fragrance oil, including me. but not just the smell, the cadaver itself is a rotten one, with maggots maggots maggots here and there and here and there and eeeeeeverywhere all over the body. the scalp even already peeled off til just a tip above the ear and almost all side of the forehead, so we actually could saw the upper part of the cranium, with its suture at the vertex, "accessorized" with those chubby maggots comin' in and out.  oh yeaaaah again... and may god bless the abductor and his assistants ;)

seemed it will be a very unforgettable last stage in our coassistency period. pretty sure, it will...

ooooh yeeeeeaaahhh!!

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