today was an important day for me and my family, the day my one and only brother went abroad alone for the first time, having double degree program arranged by his faculty and erasmus uni in rotterdam, nederland. alone without any family around, only with a bunch of his friends... no doubt we were worried a lot 'bout him, of course, regarding his known behavior for his 19 years of life til this second, typical of the last child, if you get what i mean ;) the last 4 weeks were spent preparing all the thingies since his faculty seems "too care" with this double degree program, so it was all by ourselves from visa to departure, from residence permit prerequisites to the housing... for us, it's such a great wow plus a great dissappointment >:( i can't believe they arranged such an unprepared program!!

we're arrived at the airport at 9am, waiting 'bout 1 hour for the other members to come, and hoping that there're no more probs happen... but still, the f***ing luggage rules of max 32kgs for each baggage-through and max 5kgs for each cabin luggage made us repacked some of the stuffs in his already-tight baggage and throwing out some like a pair of suit, one winter vest, one jeans, and a goddamn thick book, before mixed it up with his other friend's cabin luggage to distribute the weight evenly. and it definitely makes us hungry... ;p

when the time has come to board the airplane, few parents--mothers, especially--are cried and hug their soon-to-be going child, including my mom. i knew this could be hard for her, for knowing my brother's behavior all this time, yet she has to let him go to prove that he can do what previously he can't do. but the jetplane's engine reminds us that this is one of a phase of life we must learn, that we'll wave our hands in order to hug'em when they're back. maybe that's the reason i didn't cry... (or maybe because i'm not a mother yet?? hahaha :D)

i'll see you in the upcoming new year, bro!

well then, bye-bye my big fat bandit cat...! promise me you'll be allright, pray well, eat well, and don't embarass me by spraying everywhere and scratching your seat in the plane!! ;p

*the title means: i will miss him

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