these are just snaps taken by my cellphone cam on november 8th, but believe me, the reality is much more worse than these...

the storm ruining the radiology departement, leaving holes on the old building roof, and it was flooded inside, shut down the electricity and power supply, thus damaging all the high-tech stuffs inside including the old ct-scan... T.T no wonder my exam was postponed!

some falling trees in faculty of medicine

featuring miss hutchu on the borderline street between faculty of science and faculty of medicine, i wonder why does she smile happily like that (?.?)

grha sabha pramana seemed to be the center of the storm, regarding all those old used-to-be-cool-and-lovely big trees are falling here and there

it damages the mandiri bank and a house beside it too

poor kopma ugm T.T

it must be such a strong wind to blows a tree from the top til its roots!

notice that the colonel sander's cup and titi kamal's mi sedap are gone

featuring miss hutchu again, with falling trees along the mainstreet in bunderan ugm as the background

one of the intern gate

it even blows my all-time-favorite antique red street lamp T.T

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