last tuesday, 09092008, me and one of my co-ass group member spend a nite in solo, in one of our friend's house. she promised to treat us regarding her birthday last month, and we've made a sort of list of yummiest foods in solo to eat... such as, nasi liwet keprabon, timlo solo, selat solo, bistik, tengkleng, mandarin orion, and srabi notosuman. in the evening, after we break our fast, we drive to a place called pgs--pusat grosir solo--where plenty of famous food stalls from around the city gathered in a city walk. trust me, that place smells like heaven and oooh we just can't waaaaait to eeaaaaat!!! ;9~~

1st round, selat solo and nasi kabsha

unfortunately, we couldn't have selat mbak lies she promoted, and this selat has a thick soup (supposedly the light one... but it's ok) and sliced beef instead of a classic burger-look-alike meat,  with no mayo, and scrambled egg instead of a sunny side. fortunately, i was damn hungry... and my taste bud doesn't have any taste bud types except for 'good' and 'very good' food. so i cleaned up the whole plate in less than 15mins!! ^^ ...and i still can eat moooore ;)

in the other plate, nasi kabsha tastes just like nasi kebuli, but its sweet sour sauce with slices of pineapples was definitely nice!! spicy, sweet, and sour... hmmm what could we ask for more??

2nd round, bistik populer and sate kere a.k.a sate tempe gembus

it's a bit funny when i found out that the bistik looks similar with the previous selat, but it's presented in a right way as a classic bistik: a burger-look-alike meat with an extra sunny side egg, steamed potato wedges, peas, carrots, thick soup, and no mayo... oh well, feels like i'm eating the same thing before but n'mind, i'm still hungry and the previously grilled meat was sooooo tasty!! the thickness of the soup fits well with the meat, and again... i finished it in less than 15mins. do i have a rubber gastric or what?? ;p 

our last menu that nite is sate kere, made specially from tempe gembus. i knew that somehow this food was quite famous, but still i'm not very sure 'bout it til we order a portion. yuuuuuummmm!! the tempe was previously cooked with some typical javanese ingredients, then grilled just as an ordinary sate, but then bathe with a thick peanut sauce sprinkled with black pepper and small chilis... it was such a purrrfect desert for me ^^ and of course, it's recommended to try!

last but not least, thanks a lot to miss hutchu for the wonderful evening, and i'm still eagerly wait for the next invitation ;* love you!

me featuring the sate kere ^^

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